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Feature updates from the Rindle team.

What's new November 8, 2016

Organize Cards With Tags

New in Rindle, you can now organize your cards with tags. Tags are a simple way to add an extra layer of visual organization to your Rindle cards. By adding tags to cards you not only get information at a glance, but you also have more robust filtering capabilities at your finger tips.

What's new November 8, 2016

New Drop: Bitbucket

We’re happy to announce our integration with Bitbucket, rounding off our Git repository manager integrations in fantastic fashion. A great compliment to our JIRA Drop.

What's new October 6, 2016

Track all your events with iCalendar Feeds

By popular demand, we’re happy to introduce iCalendar Feeds to Rindle. Our iCal Feeds conveniently keep all your tasks and events in one place. Sync your Rindle cards to your Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or any calendar that accepts an iCalendar URL.

What's new September 7, 2016

New Drop: GitLab

We’re happy to announce our integration with GitLab. When you think of Git repository managers, Github and Bitbucket immediately come to mind, but GitLab is also very popular with over 100,000 companies using it.

What's new August 22, 2016

Asana has arrived!

We’re happy to announce our integration with Asana. Being one of the most popular in its space, you’d be hard struck to have a conversation around project management without mentioning Asana.

What's new August 9, 2016

Introducing Import for Drops

Since the first release of Rindle, when you connected an app through a Drop, you would only receive new cards from that Drop. It turns out many people wanted to import historical information so they could start managing all of their work immediately. We’re happy to introduce Import for Drops.

What's new June 20, 2016

Track Your Time with Toggl

We’re happy to announce that we now support Toggl. The Toggl Button Chrome Extension puts a timer inside Rindle and allows quick real time productivity tracking with all the data stored on your Toggl account.

What's new June 1, 2016

Welcome Teamwork Projects!

We’re happy to announce our integration with Teamwork Projects. With Rindle’s Teamwork Projects Drops, you can easily stream in any new task from a certain project, or tasks assigned to you from any project or a specific task list.