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Julie Gniadek

Julie is a certified and professional project manager, digital marketer expert, and content writer. She has over a decade of experience as a project manager, specializing in custom product development projects, website builds ("brochure" websites and eCommerce), and app and software development projects. Julie also specializes in managing and coordinating marketing activities and campaigns for small and medium-sized businesses. When she isn't working, Julie is an avid, competitive aerial dancer and gymnast.

Productivity, Workflows September 24, 2018

How to Be the Best Project Manager (Even If You’re Not a PM)

Most people don’t know the basic standards for managing projects — and therefore their own work. As a result, most managers don’t feel like they have a good handle on what it means to be a really good, successful PM.

If you are reading this and identify with the less-than-confident project managers, below is a super-quick guide on how to operate like a solid project manager (even if you really aren’t one).

Workflows July 10, 2018

What is a Visual Workflow and Who is it For?

A successful project outcome begins with solid project management practices.

It’s no secret that today’s projects are more complex than ever, especially with the growth and demand of technology. Project stakeholders are looking for a quality product and quicker results more than ever before.

This really puts the pressure on project managers.