Rindle: CTIS Company to Watch 2015

Silicon Valley may be the most famous startup hub in the world, but other regions all over the world are worthy competitors. Compass published a 2015 Startup Ecosystem Ranking Report that identifies the top 20 startup ecosystems in the world.

Though Rindle isn’t starting up in one of these top ranked ecosystems, we’re proud to be from Norwalk, Connecticut. Norwalk is located in Fairfield County, less than an hour from New York City – ranked number two on the list, and a few hours from tech-heavy Boston – ranked number four.

Fairfield County has one of the largest concentrations of investment, financial services and notable corporations in the nation including numerous Fortune 500, Fortune 1000 and Courant 100 companies. In fact, priceline.com headquarters is located right around the corner from our Rindle office.

With organizations like CT Innovations Council leading the way, Connecticut continues to provide a great ecosystem for startups and mature business alike. Each year, CT Innovations Council holds the CT Innovations Summit, Connecticut’s ultimate gathering of entrepreneurship & growth in the state honoring Tech Companies To Watch.

We’ll be attending the summit this year, and we’re proud to announce that Rindle has been named a CT Company to Watch 2015. We’re honored to be recognized and excited to be a part of Connecticut’s growth.