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Feature updates from the Rindle team.

What's new

Welcome Teamwork Projects!

We’re happy to announce our integration with Teamwork Projects. With Rindle’s Teamwork Projects Drops, you can easily stream in any new task from a certain project, or tasks assigned to you from any project or a specific task list.

What's new

Introducing Automation

We believe this is a game changer! You can now automatically trigger actions not only within Rindle, but also within integrations. Picture this: after you create a card from a Basecamp todo, when you mark that card complete in Rindle, the todo is automatically checked off back in Basecamp!

What's new

Stay More Organized with Sub Cards

In order to introduce more structure to how Cards are associated in Rindle, we’ve created the Sub Card feature! Sub Cards are essentially subtasks. They allow you to add lists of actionable information to a Card to represent the idea of an overarching task composed of smaller tasks that contribute to its completion.

What's new

Workflow Automation

What if you could tell Rindle to automatically check off that task in Basecamp when you move it to the last column of your workflow? Yeah, we think that would be pretty awesome too!