Rindle Drop Import Main

Since the first release of Rindle, when you connected an app through a Drop, you would only receive new cards from that Drop. It turns out many people wanted to import historical information so they could start managing all of their work immediately. We’re happy to introduce Import for Drops.

How do I Import?

We wanted to make the import process as seamless as possible when creating a Drop, so we built it right into the Drop wizard.

Rindle Drop Import Wizard

If you opt to import, you’ll be presented with up to 50 of the most recent cards for that Drop configuration.

Rindle Drop Import Wizard

By importing historical data, you will be able to start managing the work that is on your plate immediately in Rindle. You may not need to import that many things. Maybe you only need 5 or 10 cards. No problem. The import tool allows you to select exactly which cards you want to bring into Rindle using checkboxes. Also, any cards that are already in Rindle from this Drop will be grayed out so you don’t import duplicates.

Start Importing!

Import for Drops is available now in Rindle. Look for the import option when you create or edit a Drop.

Rindle Drop Import Wizard

For more information, check out Import for Drops in our help center.