Rindle Keyboard Shortcuts

We’re happy to announce that we just rolled out keyboard shortcuts! This was one of the most requested features among our very productive users.

Keyboard shortcuts provide a quick and easy way of navigating through Rindle and performing common (repetitive) actions without having to take your fingers off the keyboard.

Some of our favorites

  • Press “D” to mark a card as complete
  • Navigate between cards with your arrow keys and press “Space bar” to open a card
  • Press “N” while hovering over any card to add a new card to that same list
  • Jump between boards using number 1-9
  • “ESC” out of everything 🙂

Shortcuts are a shortcut away

Check out the full list of shortcuts while in Rindle anytime by pressing “?”

Rindle Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn more about Rindle’s shortcuts in our help center.