Rindle Bitbucket Drop

We’re happy to announce our integration with Bitbucket, rounding off our Git repository manager integrations in fantastic fashion. A great compliment to our JIRA Drop.

Drops for Bitbucket

With Rindle’s Drops for Bitbucket, you can easily stream in any new issue from a certain repository, issues assigned to you from a repository, or any new pull requests.

Rindle Bitbucket Drop

Once the Drop is set up, your Bitbucket issues automatically displays on the Rindle Board and List you specified along with other tasks from Gmail, Slack, Trello, Basecamp, Todoist, JIRA, Teamwork, or Github. When you open a Bitbucket issue in Rindle, it looks like this:

Rindle Bitbucket Card View


With Automation, you can create a rule that automatically marks a Bitbucket issue as closed when you mark it complete in Rindle. That saves you a trip back to Bitbucket and saves you time.

Rindle Bitbucket Automation

That’s where we are headed with Bitbucket. We would love to hear your thoughts, especially if there are any other feature ideas that you would like to see.