We’re happy to announce our integration with Teamwork Projects. Used and loved by more than
370,000 companies all around the world, Teamwork is a popular popular project management platform.

Drops for Teamwork Projects

With Rindle’s Drops for Teamwork Projects, you can easily stream in any new task from a certain project, or tasks assigned to you from any project or  a specific task list.

Rindle's Teamwork Drop

Once the Drop is set up, your Teamwork Projects tasks automatically display on the Rindle Board and List you specified along with other tasks from Gmail, Slack, Trello, Basecamp, Todoist, JIRA, or Github. When you open a Teamwork Projects task in Rindle, it looks like this:

Rindle Teamwork Drop Details

Rindle Automation

With Automation, you can create a rule that automatically checks off the Teamwork Projects task for you when you mark it complete in Rindle. That saves you a trip back to Teamwork and saves you time.

Rindle's Teamwork Projects Drop

That’s where we are headed with Teamwork Projects. We would love to hear your thoughts, especially if there are any other feature ideas that you would like to see.