Rindle Workflow Automation

While we’re building Rindle, there are 3 core aspects of the application that we are focusing on:

  1. Bringing all your daily tasks into one screen
  2. Making it easy to move tasks through your personal workflow
  3. Automating your workflow

Rindle will have integrations that will bring all your tasks into one location, utilizing an easy-to-use kanban board that will allow you to move those tasks through your own personal workflow.

So what about automating your workflow? Let’s discuss what we have planned.

We believe that no matter what app, tool, or methodology you are using to manage your tasks and projects, you still have your own steps that you take to complete a task. As an example, you may use Basecamp as a project management software at work and your team uses Waterfall as a methodology to manage projects. When you’re given a task to complete, you still have to manage both of these tools, and have your own system to get it all done.

Setting the Scene
Let us show you what we are talking about:

Imagine you’re a copywriter working on content for a website project. The project manager just assigned you the “About Us” page, and you need to complete this task by a certain deadline. As a copywriter, your personal workflow might look like:

  1. Put the assignment on your to-do list
  2. Complete the copywriting for the page
  3. Done

Or maybe you have a more intricate workflow like:

  1. Tasks Assigned
  2. Research
  3. Draft
  4. Copyedit
  5. Final
  6. Approval
  7. Done

The point is that each person has their own steps to complete that About Us copy assignment, and the workflow will look different depending on who is completing the task.

So what should happen when you are done with that task and you want to clear it off your personal workflow system? The task originally came from Basecamp and you still need to notify the project manager that you completed it. What if you could tell Rindle to automatically check off that task in Basecamp when you move it to the last column of your workflow? Yeah, we think that would be pretty awesome too!

Workflow Automation
The Rindle integrations will allow you to set “Workflow Automation” actions to any column you create in Rindle. So for the example above, you might tell Rindle to do one, or both, of the following when you move a task to the “Done” column:

  1. Mark the task as complete in Rindle
  2. Mark the to-do as complete in Basecamp

Now, when you move a Basecamp to-do to your “Done” column, Rindle will automatically mark it as complete in Rindle AND check-it off for you in Basecamp. We think there is magic there that will help you automate your workflow and save you a ton of time.

By allowing you to apply Workflow Automation settings to any column you create, you will have the flexibility to automate steps anywhere in your personal workflow. The goal is to save you time, reduce redundancies, and prevent you from jumping between applications to make sure things are checked off. It also prevents you from forgetting to go back to that app, increasing the efficiency and consistency in your workflow.

What do you think? We’re excited about Workflow Automation in Rindle and would love to hear your thoughts!